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About Us

Celebrating 17 years of sparkle!

Our passion for creating affordable and unique jewelry designs goes beyond the latest fashion trends. As a Latin American company run primarily by women, we believe that style is a form of expression.

From Our Founder

As a young girl, I was always captivated and mesmerized by paintings of princesses. The attention to detail, the accessories, and the beautiful jewelry - I dreamt of one day becoming one of them. The way their outfits sparkled added a little magic and brought everything to life.

When I first thought about starting a business, I was inspired by the Daniel Swarovski’s story of perseverance and innovation. During the Industrial Revolution, when crystals were still being cut by hand, he noticed that women wanted to emulate the aristocratic look by wearing intricate jewelry but not all had the means to do it. Seeing the need for and affordable but beautiful crystal jewelry, he created Swarovski Crystals - the same precision at a fraction of the cost, allowing women to sparkle at affordable prices.

- XOXO Merari Peña

Store Locator
Puerto Rico

Plaza Las Americas

Av. Plaza Las Américas, San Juan,

00918, Puerto Rico


Las Catalinas Mall

270 PR-52, Las Catalinas Mall,

00725, Caguas Puerto Rico 


frente Wetzel Pretzels

Premium Outlets Barceloneta

*NEW Forever POP-UP experience

(Near Sketchers)


The Outlets of Montehiedra

#9410 Ave, C. los Rameros STE. 120, San Juan

00617, Puerto Rico


Plaza Carolina

200 Ave Fragoso Plaza Carolina Suite 111,

00983, Carolina Puerto Rico

Dominican Republic

Ágora Mall

Av. John F. Kennedy 1,

Santo Domingo 10129, Dominican Republic

+1 829-962-7114

Galería 360

Av. Jonh F. Kennedy, Plaza Galería 360,

Santo Domingo 10605, Dominican Republic

+1 829-764-7114
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