About Merari Pena

From Our Founder
As a young girl, I was always captivated and mesmerized by paintings of princesses. The attention to detail, the accessories, and the beautiful jewelry - I dreamt of one day becoming one of them. The way their outfits sparkled added a little magic and brought everything to life.
When I first thought about starting a business, I was inspired by the Daniel Swarovski’s story of perseverance and innovation. During the Industrial Revolution, when crystals were still being cut by hand, he noticed that women wanted to emulate the aristocratic look by wearing intricate jewelry but not all had the means to do it. Seeing the need for and affordable but beautiful crystal jewelry, he created Swarovski Crystals - the same precision at a fraction of the cost, allowing women to sparkle at affordable prices.
Our design team is comprised of women, and as the target market, we know what women like. As Latino women, we know that having a good shopping experience makes us feel better about our purchase. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and all stones are selected to show off their sparkle in their own unique way. The attention to detail shows how much we love what we do.
From the very beginning, we wanted to help others. When I first started this business, I was 23 years and had little business or life experience, but I did have a heart full of gratitude and the desire to help others any way I could. This initial desire has now bloomed into our Sparkle for a Cause initiative. We have partnered (and will continue to partner) with various nonprofit organizations in our communities to give back to children and women in need. This give back program is our purpose and motivation to strive in excellence. It fill our hearts the most. Thanks for sparkling along with us.
xoxo, Merari Peña
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