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About Forever Crystals

We have all heard of a “statement piece” when it comes to fashion, furniture, and jewelry. At Forever Crystals, we believe the modern day woman represents an embodiment of the human spirit reflected by the elements she showcases. Forever Crystals creates one of a kind, custom, everyday jewelry pieces that touch the lives of women everywhere.

The formation of crystals found in the roots of the Earth are the windows to our soul. Our followers say that with our minds clear and faith in our hearts, we connect with our true and best selves. Our carefully selected Swarovski crystals are found in every piece we design. We want to add value, both intrinsically and externally to women’s lives daily. When you purchase a Forever Crystal, you are embarking on a bond that last an eternity; it’s meaningful, it’s spiritual, it’s fun. Join us on our journey….

Our goal is to empower women and make luxury approachable. Our “feel good” pieces start trends and make a statement. We believe our inspirational and eclectic collections bring out the best in womens’ personalities.

Forever Crystals. Uniquely Yours.


Our History

Merari’s father, Ignacio Peña, used to sell Swarovski elements back in the 80’s in Puerto Rico when consumers weren’t as familiar with the crystals brand. On a business trip to the manufacturer, Merari and Ignacio started brainstorming retail names to brand their jewelry business, Ignacio reminisced about a perfume fragrance“ Forever Krystelle, and how the romance of the story that accompanied it, has stayed with him years later. The Forever Crystals idea was born and it made sense with the fact that crystals last a lifetime when taken care of.

Merari Peña took the reins of the family business in 2007 when her father decided to leave to Cuba for his lifetime role as a missionary. At the time of his departure, he had established two small retail stations in Puerto Rico. Under her leadership, Merari has grown the Forever Crystals Brand with retail locations across the Caribbean, expanding the business to the North American market and increasing distribution worldwide.